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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works: how someone makes, manages and invests it. The goal of Financial Literacy is not only to impart knowledge but to change behaviour. The objective is 'to empower people to take actions that are in their own self-interest.

Financial literacy is having the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions.

  • Knowledge refers to an understanding of personal and broader financial matters
  • Skills refer to the ability to apply that financial knowledge in everyday life
  • Confidence means having the self-assurance to make important decisions
  • Responsible Financial Decisions refers to the ability of individuals to use the knowledge, skills and confidence they have gained to make choices appropriate to their own circumstances

  • Decide how they will spend their money and meet their financial obligations.
  • Make sense of the financial markets and buy the products and services best suited to their needs.
  • Manage their personal finances and plan ahead for life events, such as home ownership or retirement.
  • Assess the financial information and advice they receive from relatives and friends, professionals or the media, and
  • Maximize the use of the resources they have access to, including employment benefits, private and public pensions, tax planning, public benefits, investments, Home Loans, and access to credit.

Financial Literacy or Investor Awareness Workshops are a 2-3 Hour educational & interactive programs by personal finance experts & independent trainers organized in companies, housing societies, clubs, associations & colleges to educate the participants on achieving financial freedom. These workshops help them to improve their money management skills and knowledge so that they are able to fulfil their Financial Goals.

Financial Literacy Advisory Body India organizes Financial Literacy Workshops across India free of charge. You can request a workshop to be organized by clicking here.

Financial Literacy Workshops can be organized for the following types of organizations:

  • Companies & Corporates for their employees
  • Clubs, NGOs & Associations for their members
  • Housing Societies for their residents
  • Small Businesses for their clients
  • Educational Institutes for their final year students and Faculty

Financial Education is the key that unlocks the value of all other benefits that the employer is providing. It results in much more engaged, much more productive and much happier workforce.

Benefits of Financial Education for

  1. Employees
  • Helps build a secure financial future.
  • Prepared for financial emergencies
  • Disciplined approach to money
  • Reduces stress related to money matters
  • Improve Savings and Investment
  • Reduce Taxes
  1. Employers
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Helps to Develop your employees
  • Makes employee feel valuable to the organization
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Employee Retention
  • Enhance the organizations Brand

Financial Literacy Workshops are mostly organized at the in-house training centers / conference halls of a company or meeting halls / community halls of the clubs / associations / housing societies. We also require Projector facility at the venue.

In case such a facility is not available then FLAB India may on the availability of resources arrange an economically viable venue.

Language of the workshop can be English / Hindi / Marathi / Gujarati / local language may also be possible in most of the cases.

The ideal size of the participants should be 30-40 participants. FLAB India can also organize special sessions if the number of participants exceeds 100.

F-LAB has empanelled Personal Finance Experts as trainers / speakers of the campaign who meet the following eligibility criteria;



CWM / AFA/ MBA / PG / CFP / CFA / CA / NISM L1+L2*



3 + Years as a Personal Finance Professional



SEBI Registered Investment Advisor or AMFI Registered Advisor



Commitment to Ethical Practices before, during & after the Financial Workshops/Seminars/Events as listed by F-LAB

* If a professional is not having any of these qualifications they are required to have a minimum of 5+ years of experience in the industry.

The duration of the workshops is usually around 2 hours. FLAB India has ready-made workshops based on the various lifecycle requirements of participants. We also have workshops to cater to different segments of the society.

From Home makers to Working Professionals, From Armed Personals to Doctors, From Lower Income Groups to High Net worth Individuals we have Financial Educations workshops and programs for everyone.

We can customize the content based on the host organizations requirements.

Each workshop is followed by Q n A Session.

FLAB India delivers Financial Literacy sessions which are tailor-made to specific participants categories and needs like;

Life Cycle Based

Money Management for Youngsters

Money Management for Newly Employed

Money Management for Young Couples

Money Management for Parents

Money Management for Middle Aged

Money Management for Retired

Segment Based

Money Management for Women

Money Management for Private Sector Employees

Money Management for Government Employees

Money Management for Professionals – Doctors / CAs / Lawyers etc

Money Management for Businessman / SME Owners

Money Management for Armed Forces

Money Management for Non Resident Indians (NRIs)

Money Management for Parents of Special Children

Goal Based

Children Education Planning

New House Planning

Retirement Planning

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Planning

Tax Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial Literacy Advisory Body India does not charge anything for organizing these workshops they are completely free to the participants and organizing institutions. We do not sell or promote any products in the workshops.

Financial Literacy Workshops are funded by our sponsors who could be Stock Exchanges, Regulators, Asset Management Companies, Depositories.

These organizations have a mandate to spend certain percentage of their funds on Investor Education Financial Literacy and Investor Awareness Programs.

Financial Literacy workshops are conducted by professional personal finance experts with an intention to reach out to investors, create awareness about need for financial planning and also be of service to society. Each of the expert / speaker gives a declaration in writing to adhere to ethical practices and refrain from any sales or promotional content / activities.

So there is no selling or promotion of any product or service in the workshop.

If you are interested in hosting a Financial Literacy /Money Management Workshop in your company / club / association / institute / housing society, you will have to give us the following tentative details;

Organization name

Date and time preference

Venue availability

Audience size

Audience category

You can mail these details to flabindia@gmail.com or call us at 97173366659